5 Ways To Help Children Wear Glasses

Child wearing glasses and reading a book

A new experience like wearing your first pair of prescription glasses can be daunting and scary for your child.  It can also be a shock to parents as it will entail a new responsibility and changes in every day routine.

Parents should be mindful that wearing a pair of glasses can affect a child’s self esteem and confidence.  Your child may be worried about teasing in school.

Here is a list of ways to help your children ease into wearing their first pair of glasses:

1.  Communication

Communicate openly with your children about worries they may have wearing their first pair of glasses.  Your child may have negative thoughts of wearing glasses so it is important you portray the benefits of glasses and how it will enable your child to see things better and clearer.

2.  Let your Child pick the Frames

Make the experience of buying glasses fun.  There are so many different frames from various colours, shapes and sizes.  Take your time and let your child try on as many frames he or she wants.  Once your child chooses the frame they like do talk to your optician about fitting and what coatings are needed for the lenses.

3.  Be Patient

Your child may not be motivated to wear his glasses straight away.  Let your child take small steps, start by allowing them to wear their glasses for small periods of time and ideally whilst doing activities they enjoy such as watching their favourite movie or even reading a book they enjoy.

4.  Positivity

Be a positive source for your child.  Praise them when they are wearing their glasses, make them feel good about wearing their glasses by complimenting them.  The affection you show your child will go a long way.  Explain the benefits of wearing glasses.  Show them images of role models and celebrities who they admire that wear glasses, this will show that they are not alone.

5.  Follow up Appointments

It is essential that you visit your optician for your follow up appointments.  It gives you an opportunity to discuss with the optometrist if you are struggling to get your child to wear glasses.  The optometrist will provide guidance on these issues as well as checking the vision of your child since the last visit.

If you or your child are in need of an eye test.  Contact out friendly team of opticians today.





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