Santa with healthy eyes

Tips For Healthy Eyes Over The New Year

For a lot of people the New Year means a healthy lifestyle.  People all around the world will be thinking of their New Years resolution whether it is to lose weight, exercise more often or even start a new hobby.  One of the best resolutions you can make is to look after your eyes for […]

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Vitamins scattered for healthy eyes

Vitamins for Healthy Eyes

Vitamins are essential for the growth and maintenance for your eyes and the rest of the body. Here is our list of important vitamins to take for healthy eyes. 1.  Vitamin E Vitamin E is an anti oxidant that is needed to protect your eyes from free radical damage.  Studies have shown that vitamin E […]

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winter eye care snow forest

Tips for Winter Eye Care

As we are approaching winter, it is essential that you take care of your eyes from the harmful Ultraviolet (UV) rays and the cold air. As the temperatures drop, the air is more drier and less humid causing your eyes to lose moisture, this results in dry eyes and irritation caused by the insufficient production […]

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Arthritis and eye conditions

Arthritis and Eye Disorders

One of the commonest conditions our patients suffer from is arthritis.  Arthritis can affect any gender, age group and race. We assume that arthritis as just inflammation of the joints.  Research has shown that inflammation is not only attributed to your joints but can also affect your eyes.  Arthritis affects collagen in the joints.  Collagen […]

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Computer Eye Strain

Tips to Reduce Computer Eye Strain

Staring at computers for long periods of time may cause eye strain. Problems of the eye caused by the use of computers is termed Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). Symptoms of computer vision syndrome are : Eye strain Headaches Blurred vision Double vision Eye irritation Dry eyes Watery eyes Increases sensitivity to light Neck pain You […]

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Alcohol and Eyesight

Alcohol and Your Eyesight

Did you know that excessive drinking of alcohol can have implications on your eyesight and other parts of your body. Here is our list of short term and long term effects of drinking excessive alcohol on your eyesight. Short Term Effects of Alcohol on your Eyesight: 1.  Reduced Visual Performance Drinking heavily affects the brain […]

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Smoking and eyes

Smoking and Eye Disorders

Cigarette smoke contains approximately 4000 chemicals that can harm your health and body. Smoking is one of the largest preventable cause of diseases.  Smoking not only harms your bodily organs and functions but it also affects the condition of your eyes. We all know that smoking is a cause for lung and heart disease but […]

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Food and Eyes

8 Foods for Healthy Eyes

Did you know that  having a well balanced diet and eating the right foods maintains healthy eyes but may also prevent future eye disorders. Here is a breakdown of 8 foods for healthy eyes that you should incorporate in your everyday diet: 1.  Avocado Avocado or other leafy greens contain anti oxidants like lutein and […]

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winter robin McConnell Opticians Warwick

Happy Christmas – raise your glasses, and eyebrows, here’s some awful jokes for your crackers!

  As we near the Christmas holidays in Warwick, we thought we’d add a little cheer to help with the shopping and mince pies. Remember to come and visit us for designer sun glasses for Winter holidays and to book that overdue eye test as part of your New Year Resolutions! Q: Why is the Scrooge fond […]

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