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Your eyesight and eye test are our highest priority, irrevocable damage can occur before you even know you have a problem.

Taking care of your eyes is just as important as taking care of any other part the body.  By taking care of your eyes now you can prevent possible complications later in life.

The eye test is a vital health check and it is very important that you make it part of your general health regime.  It is recommended that you have an eye test once every two years to maintain your vision and monitor the health of your eyes which can highlight pre existing conditions but not yet diagnosed health issues.

A lot of health conditions if they are picked up early such as diabetes can be treated quicker.  Other conditions like glaucoma can only be picked up by an eye test.

Whatever your chosen method to contact us you will be greeted by a friendly receptionist who will take your details and book you an appointment to suit your schedule.

What should I expect during the eye test ?

During your appointment you will be taken in by an experienced optometrist.  The whole eye test and examination process will last approximately 40 minutes so that the optometrist can perform an in depth and unhurried examination checking the health of your eyes as well as testing your vision.

The Stages of the Eye Test are:

1.  History and Symptoms

The first thing that the optometrist will ask you is to confirm your personal details.  The optometrist will then ask you about your concerns for your eyes and what made you visit the optician.  Other questions that the optometrist may ask are:

  • Are you having any problems with your eyes ?
  • Are you having any other health related problems ?
  • Are you taking any medications ?
  • Is there a family history of eye problems or other health related disorders ?
  • What are your hobbies and interests ?

2.  Refraction/Snellen Test Chart

You will be asked to read a snellen chart.  A snellen chart is a series of alphabetical letters that vary in size, which is used to measure your vision (visual acuity).

Initially you will be asked to read the letters without glasses.  Each eye will be individually tested.  You will be asked to read the letters with your left eye and then with your right eye whilst the other eye is covered up.  This will help the optometrist to understand how well your eyes are working.  The optometrist will then make you read the snellen chart again with the use of lenses of varying strengths coverying your eyes until you can read the chart with near to perfect vision.

3.  Opthalmoscopy

The optometrist will then use an opthalmoscope to see inside your eye.  The opthalmoscope is a hand held instrument that shines a bright light to the back of the eye.  This test allows us to see the blood vessels in the eye that can help the optometrist to detect diseases such as diabetes.

4.  Slit Lamp

A slit lamp is an illuminated microscope that is used to examine the outer eye.  The slit lamp provides a magnified stereo view of the eye.  The slit lamp allows the optometrist to see if there are signs of other diseases such as cataracts, diabetes and macular degeneration.

If needed other eye tests may be performed such as:

5.  Tonometry

Tonometry is a procedure used to check the pressure inside the eye; this is done by blowing a puff of air inside the eye.  The procedure is used to determine the prevalence of glaucoma.  Tonometry is usually tested on people over the age of 40.

6.  Fundus Camera

Private paying patients may have images taken of the inside of the eye with the use of a fundus camera.  We have recently purchased the state of the art iCare DRSplus fundus imaging system.  This technology utilises a confocal fundus imaging system.  The images allow the optometrist to view subtle changes inside the eye, this aids in the diagnosis of cataracts, diabetes and blood pressure.

7.  Visual Field Test

A visual field test is used to assess your peripheral vision.  It is an instrument that flashes dots of light on a dark background.  Each time you see a dot of light you will be asked to press a hand held button.  Visual field test can be used to identify headaches.


After the eye examination the optometrist will discuss the findings with you.  If the optometrist thinks you will benefit from prescription lenses to improve your vision he will discuss the best lenses for your needs.  Your optometrist will discuss his recommendations to the optical assistant who will help you choose your perfect frames with the appropriate lenses and coatings.

Our basic glasses take approximatly 10 days to recieve after your eye test, whereas our premium varifocals take 2 weeks.  We also offer an express service for basic single vision lenses which will take 3 days.


Here are 10 reasons why you should book an eye test:

  • You only get one pair of eyes, once lost your eyesight cannot be returned.
  • Your eyes unlike teeth will not always hurt when there is a problem.
  • Good eyesight is very important in education.  An eye test on young people should be carried out to detect problems with their vision that could adversely affect their ability in school.
  • Prevention is paramount, early diagnosis of sight problems can halt further deterioration this is particularly true among young children and the elderly.
  • The eye health check carried out in our eye examination can pick up on early signs of conditions that may lead to blindness such as glaucoma, with early detection being vital for treatment.
  • The quality of our vision is often taken for granted, as we get older.  However having regular eye examination and addressing sight issues can significantly improve your quality of life.
  • The thorough eye examination that we provide can detect other underlying health issues such as diabetes thus leading to early detection.
  • The sight test can check to see whether your vision needs correction.  We can offer several options such as spectacles or contact lenses that we go through with you to see what is best for you.
  • Better vision leads to being able to work and play better more comfortably and safely, in fact having proper vision correction can improve the general quality of your life.
  • Poor eyesight can be dangerous.  Make certain that your vision meets the legal requirement for driving or any occupational needs.





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