Winter is a good time to get your eye test.

Eye Care as we get older – first in a new series – number 1;

eye test McConnell Opticians Warwick

eye test from McConnell Opticians Warwick

Checks are important

Everybody should have their eyes checked every two years and this becomes increasingly important as we get older, we would recommend an annual check to keep your eye sight at its best and to keep a check on your general health.

Nobody wants to lose their sight and regular checks ensure your optician can spot any worrying developments in time to care for appropriately. Not only that as eye sight deteriorates with age, particularly distance vision, it’s important to make sure your prescription for lenses is correct.

But those aren’t the only benefits. Eye tests could indicate if you have other conditions that need to be treated. An eye check can pick up each of the following, making it a valuable part of your overall health care.

  1. Cardiovascular diseases
  2. Diabetes
  3. High blood pressure
  4. Kidney diseases
  5. Problems with the digestive tract
  6. Viral and bacterial infections
  7. Vitamin deficiencies

When we check your eyes, we see changes that are caused by the early onset of a number of diseases, and the eye test is often the first time the symptoms can be seen. This makes the eye test invaluable as an early warning system so that problems can be passed to you and your doctor before at the earliest opportunity, making them potentially easier to treat.

Look after your eyes this Winter. Visit us in Warwick or ask about our home visit service, which covers the Midlands.

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