Tips For Healthy Eyes Over The New Year

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For a lot of people the New Year means a healthy lifestyle.  People all around the world will be thinking of their New Years resolution whether it is to lose weight, exercise more often or even start a new hobby.  One of the best resolutions you can make is to look after your eyes for the New Year, this will have an impact on your overall mental and physical health as well as contributing to your eye health.

Here are our tips to maintain healthy eyes for the New Year:

1.  Healthy Eating for Healthy Eyes

You are what you eat.  Eating healthily will help to reduce the advancement of eye problems such as cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration.  Nutrients to consume include vitamin A,  vitamin C, vitamin E, Zinc, Omega 3 Fatty Acids, lutein and zeaxanthin.  To get these nutrients eat the following foods:

  • Green Leafy vegetables such as spinach
  • Oily fish such as tuna and salmon
  • Eggs
  • Nuts
  • Citrus Fruits such as oranges and grape fruit
  • Drink enough water

2.  Reduce your Alcohol Content

Whether you drink by yourself or socially it is a great idea to monitor your drinking habits.  Drinking excessive alcohol can worsen the symptoms of dry eyes as well as being a trigger for migraines.

3.  Quit Smoking

Tobacco smoke contains at least 70 chemicals which are known to cause cancer.  Smoking affects every organ in the body including eyes.  Smoking increases the risk of macular degeneration, cataracts and diabetic retinopathy.

4.  Digital Detox

We use computers often whether its at home or at work.  Staring at computers for long periods can cause eye strain.  To prevent eye strain take regular breaks away from the work station.  Use the breaks to exercise your eyes.

5.  Exercise Regularly

Exercise is great for weight loss and your general well being.  Exercise is also good for your eyes as it helps to reduce the progression of certain eye disorders.  Brisk walking for 20 minutes a day is great for your overall health including your eyes.

6.  Attend Appointments

Schedule regular appointments with your health practitioners including your optician.  An eye test can reveal a lot about your health.

If you are serious about your New Years resolutions, a good starting point would be to create manageable goals.  Creating healthy habits and sticking to them.

The staff at McConnell Opticians would like to wish everyone a Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.





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