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Child wearing glasses and reading a book

5 Ways To Help Children Wear Glasses

A new experience like wearing your first pair of prescription glasses can be daunting and scary for your child.  It can also be a shock to parents as it will entail a new responsibility and changes in every day routine. Parents should be mindful that wearing a pair of glasses can affect a child’s self […]

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winter eye care snow forest

Tips for Winter Eye Care

As we are approaching winter, it is essential that you take care of your eyes from the harmful Ultraviolet (UV) rays and the cold air. As the temperatures drop, the air is more drier and less humid causing your eyes to lose moisture, this results in dry eyes and irritation caused by the insufficient production […]

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Alcohol and Eyesight

Alcohol and Your Eyesight

Did you know that excessive drinking of alcohol can have implications on your eyesight and other parts of your body. Here is our list of short term and long term effects of drinking excessive alcohol on your eyesight. Short Term Effects of Alcohol on your Eyesight: 1.  Reduced Visual Performance Drinking heavily affects the brain […]

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winter robin McConnell Opticians Warwick

Happy Christmas – raise your glasses, and eyebrows, here’s some awful jokes for your crackers!

  As we near the Christmas holidays in Warwick, we thought we’d add a little cheer to help with the shopping and mince pies. Remember to come and visit us for designer sun glasses for Winter holidays and to book that overdue eye test as part of your New Year Resolutions! Q: Why is the Scrooge fond […]

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eye test McConnell Opticians Warwick

Winter is a good time to get your eye test.

Eye Care as we get older – first in a new series – number 1; Checks are important Everybody should have their eyes checked every two years and this becomes increasingly important as we get older, we would recommend an annual check to keep your eye sight at its best and to keep a check […]

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Christmas at Warwick Castle McConnell Opticians Warwick

Christmas at Warwick Castle through to Jan 3, 2016

There are lots of winter attractions at Warwick Castle this Christmas, from the State Rooms decked out with beautiful, festive decorations, including a twenty five foot Christmas tree in the vaulted Great Hall, to the Castle Dungeon and Dragon Tower. There is also a very special Breakfast with Santa available to provide youngsters with the […]

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Cataract - McConnell Opticians Warwick

What is a Cataract?

The eye behaves just like a camera, as the lens inside the eye helps focus the light onto the retina. Cataract is a condition that is caused by the clouding of the lens within the eye which leads to the deterioration of vision. Cataracts are often age related, but not always. As cataracts are generally […]

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Eyespace Jensen mcconnellopticians warwick

eyespace from McConnell Opticians

  McConnell Opticians is now stocking British designer eyespace eyewear. Every now and then we begin to stock a new brand of glasses and sunglasses, and eyespace is one we are very pleased to add. For now we have the ranges in our Warwick showroom and over time we will add to the site.     […]

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We are open again!  We are now seeing patients with pre-booked appointments.  Please phone in the first instance.  We may be able to help you over the phone, otherwise we will make an appointment for you.